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Are you new, just starting out and need a little advice? Or maybe you’ve been working in economic development a while and want to move to the next level?

Sign up to be matched with a mentor.  Based on the answers to the Become a Mentee questionnaire, we will send you a few choices of mentors. There is no cost for the mentor program.

Become a Mentee

Responsibilities of a mentee:

  • Participate in an initial conference call to determine if it is a good match.
  • Outline the objectives of the mentorship with your mentor.
  • Determine the frequency and means of contact.
  • Proactively reach out to your mentor when you need help.
  • Determine next steps at each meeting or if the mentorship has accomplished its objective and is complete.

Mentees will be matched with mentors by CreativeEDC.  If you have questions about the mentorship program contact Crystal Morphis at cmorphis@creativeedc.com or 336-526-1332.

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