NCEDA Mentor Netowrk


The Economic Development Mentor Network is a tool to match experienced economic developers with economic developers that want a little guidance.

Use this website to be matched with a mentor or to offer yourself as a mentor.  Click on Mentors to sign up to be mentors.  Click on Find a Mentor to be matched with a mentor.  Our team will provide you with match choices and you take it from there. There is no cost for the mentor program.

Much of economic development is learned on-the-job. There are few academic programs and professional development often is not offered at the specific time an issue arises. Many economic development offices are small, sometimes a one-person shop, so learning from co-workers may not be an option.  A mentorship can provide support while you learn on-the-job and guidance to get through challenging situations.

The mentor program is sponsored by Creative Economic Development Consulting in support of the North Carolina Economic Developer’s Association. You do not have to be a member of NCEDA to participate as a mentor or mentee. More information on NCEDA can be found atNCEDA_logo

Mentor Network Brochure

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